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We are very pleased to announce our guest speakers for the OxTALENT 2018 awards ceremony on 13 June.

The OxTALENT awards ceremony showcases our winners’ creative use of technology for teaching, learning, outreach and public engagement, celebrating the impact of their work and the inspiration it has provided to others. This year’s ceremony will take place on the afternoon of Wednesday 13 June, and we are very pleased to announce our guest speakers:



Professor Christine Gerrard is Professor of English Literature and Tutorial Fellow at Lady Margaret Hall. Her main research interest is in English Literature 1500-1800, particularly 1660-1800 and in American Literature. She also has a special interest in the joint degree of Classics and English. She is currently working on a study of literature in the reign of George I (1714-1727), paying particular attention to the relationship between manuscript and print culture, the persistence of coterie writing, and the resurgence of a libertine idiom within the new Hanoverian court.




niall winters

Dr Niall Winters is Associate Professor of Learning and New Technologies at the Department of Education and a Fellow of Kellogg College. His main research interest is in understanding how educational interventions can help to address inequality, especially for people who are marginalised, by focussing on how technology can support the strengthening of education and training capacity, particularly in health. More specifically, Niall works to design, develop and evaluate technology enhanced learning (TEL) interventions that support the professional development of learning practitioners, primarily healthcare workers in the Global South and in the UK.


hart t

Dr Tom Hart (Department of Zoology) is a Junior Research Fellow at Lady Margaret Hall. His research centres around how to monitor penguins and other marine predators in difficult environments such as Antarcitca. Many of the most important environments on the planet are too data deficient to understand global change and to permit effective management. Tom spends a lot of time developing tools and techniques to scale up monitoring and data gathering from these environments. One of the most important is SnowBank - a repository and swap shop for polar samples, which aims to reduce the cost of polar research.



thomas crawford

Dr Tom Crawford is a Lecturer in Applied Maths at St Hugh’s where he teaches the first and second year undergraduates. He previously worked for the Naked Scientists Public Engagement team at Cambridge, producing a weekly radio programme for BBC Radio 5 Live as well as launching the video series 'Naked Maths'. He can often be found talking all things science and maths on BBC radio and television and recently appeared on BBC News and Radio 4’s More or Less programme discussing the work of the late Maryam Mirzakhani, the first woman to win the Field’s Medal. Alongside his teaching commitments, Tom works closely with the outreach team and regularly gives talks in schools and universities across the UK.


Kate Lindsay, Head of Technology Enhanced Learning in Academic IT, will host the event and the awards will be presented by Professor Anne Trefethen, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Academic Services and University Collections) and Professor Martin Williams, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Education). Dr Sean Duffy, CIO (IT Services), will open the awards ceremony.

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