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BláBláLogia, run by Chico Camargo, DPhil student at Brasenose College, and a number of scientists from around the world, won this year's OxTALENT award in the category Digital Media. Here is why.

BláBláLogia is a YouTube channel that makes science accessible without losing accurary. Daily videos deal with topics such as creation myths of different civilisations, the physics of sci-fi videogames and animals that once inhabited the Earth.

Chico Camargo in one of the videos from his Top Models series on YouTube

Chico Camargo is part of an international community of scientists who have come together to create engaging and accurate online content

The channel's content appeals to a wide audience and is praised by the public and academics alike. To find out more, read our article Not blah at all: BláBláLogia for scientific accuracy on YouTube

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