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Have you thought about using a throwable microphone in your teaching? Or an interactive touch screen? Or even an augmented reality headset? Now you can explore these and many more technologies and borrow them for your teaching.

man wearing VR glasses facilitated by another man

Learn more about the educational potential of VR and AR. Headsets and controllers can be used to interact with 3D models of molecules, to carry out medical procedures and to explore archaeological sites in the virtual world. Image by Robbie Brock.

Are you thinking about including technology in your teaching but don't really know where to start? There are so many options, technology is evolving extremely fast and what really is worth investing in?

List of kit to try and use 

An easy way to discover some of your options is to explore our kit. The Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) team holds a collection of different technologies that you can try out first and then borrow for your teaching practice. Our team of learning technologists can also support you in thinking about how to use these technologies to their full potential. 

Take a look at what is available below.

VR and education

VIVE Pro Headset + Accessory Starter Pack

This headset can be used for any AR/VR applications in teaching and learning.

vive pro pdp vive pro fullset soon desktop kit


Dell gaming laptop  (New ALIENWARE 15)

This is a high end gaming laptop used for gaming but it could be used for other applications that require a high end graphic card.

notebook alienware 15 r4 campaign hero 504x350 ng


ClassVR is a versatile platform using the power of Virtual and Augmented Reality for education and training from the classroom to the boardroom. This could be used in semiars or classes for students to visualise complex strutures, such as molecules.

classroom set 8 vr headsets case

Usability study

Eye tracking Device

This is four you if you are interested in improving the usability of your website or of an application you are developing. We are happy to work with you and lend you the kit to run eye tracking studies for your system.

shop ultimate bundle 1 hd

Mobile classroom

Bose Sound Link Mini Bluetooth Speaker II

cq5dam web 1920 1920

IPad Pro Wi-Fi only + pen


One Catchbox Lite

Catchbox is a soft throwable microphone that can help you engage your students, e.g. in large lecture rooms.


Montage Wireless Presentation

With this, you can wirelessly present devices to screens and no longer need to worry about cables. It also allows you to switch between different devices easily.

hardware 1

Ultra-Mobile business projector (Epson)

This allows you to project on any surface as the resolution is very good and the picture is very bright. It could be used in the context of teaching anywhere.


HDMI TV/Projector stick

This allows you to stream video pictures to a display wirelessly.



Display technology

Clevertouch Touch Screen 65inch

This large touch screen makes it easy to design interactive classes and tutorials.



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If you would like to delve into any of these technologies and arrange a meeting, please contact Xavier.


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