Learning design network (LD-CIN)

The Learning Design Cross-institutional Network (LD-CIN) is an informal group of educational developers and learning technologists who practise the principles of Learning Design in their work to engage academics with digital education. Words by Liz Masterman, Senior Research Officer, Technology-Enhanced Learning.

Learning Design (LD) has three basic elements:

  • guidance,
  • sharing and
  • representation.

LD was initially developed during the early 2000s, and is distinct from Instructional Design by virtue of its more learner-focused and activity-driven (rather than content-driven) approach to curriculum design (although the two fields have moved a bit closer together). From 2004-12 Marion Manson (in TALL) and I were extensively involved in LD research, particularly the prototyping of tools to support academics in planning their students' learning. LD went rather quiet from about 2012 onwards, but has experienced a resurgence of interest in recent years: hence the formation of the LD-CIN. The Technology Enhanced Learning group of Academic IT is now looking at a possible Learning Design model for Oxford, with a view to piloting workshops in conjunction with the Oxford Learning Institute next year, so LD is once again alive in the collegiate University.

We would like to invite you to the 7th meeting of the LD-CIN, which we are hosting at IT Services on Friday 24th November from 10-4 (lunch included). The theme will be on improving curriculum design, and we are delighted to announce the following presenters and workshop leaders:

  • Gill Ferrell (Jisc) - Supporting the effective design of technology enhanced curricula
  • Helen King (HEFCE) - Learning Gain and curriculum design
  • Patrick Lynch and Sue Watling (Hull) - Learning analytics to inform Learning Design
  • Katharine Reedy - Learning Design at the Open University
  • LD-CIN members from around the world will have an opportunity to share their recent work.

Further details , can be found about the LD-CIN on their Google site, including resources from previous meetings 

We opened booking today, and already there’s been a good response from colleagues around the UK. So, if you would like to join us please book now

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