Seamless lecture capture completes the picture for History of Art students

Lecture capture is the service most requested in surveys of Oxford students: it can help them make up for missed lectures, revise more effectively, or simply learn at their own pace. But, matching recorded lecture commentary to PowerPoint slides can be clunky - if not downright confusing. That goes double for courses with a strong 'visual' component.

That's why Rachel Leach and her colleagues in the Department of the History of Art jumped at the chance to pilot the Replay lecture capture software that synchronises spoken words and images faithfully and provides tools for interacting with the material. Lecture capture is paying dividends in terms of students' understanding of visual culture, says Leach, without making any additional demands on the workload of teaching staff.

There is a huge interdisciplinary benefit across the University if more departments and faculties decide to opt in to Replay. 65% of our students said that they would listen to recorded lectures from other courses.

Rachel Leach

History of Art staff are not the only ones exploring what lecture capture can do for them. In this video, Professor Ian Crawford of the Department of Economics explains how he and his students have also benefitted from the University's Replay software.

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