Students design digital networking tool for ideas, innovation and collaboration

Students are always interested in smarter learning, but are they keen enough to develop their own digital solutions to act on their ideas and research? The answer is yes, absolutely, and here's evidence.

William Zeng, a DPhil student in the Quantum Group in the Department of Computer Science, and colleagues have developed WikiNets, an award-winning, collaborative, open-source tool that allows students to post ideas and search for other related ideas and particular types of relationships. Through WikiNets, students can build and maintain an increasingly extensive and complex network of peer contacts without losing sight of each individual idea and its relationships. It's basically a combination of a wiki and a concept map, says Zeng.

Students shouldn't forget to look within their own university as well as outside it when looking to innovate. Our WikiNets team already does some academic work together and this made our collaboration much smoother.

William Zeng, WikiNets founder

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WikiNets: organising and sharing your research

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