Tom Rocks Maths

Online audience engagement is part of the equation

Maths is often seen as boring, serious and irrelevant to everyday life.

Dr Tom Crawford, lecturer at St Hugh's College, decided to tackle this issue and created a role model for young students online. On his YouTube channel 'Tom Rocks Maths', he presents himself as charismatic and outgoing. He is now also known as 'the Naked Mathematician', since he does maths in his underwear in the 'Equations Stripped' series, showing that maths is not as serious as many think.

Tom makes maths accessible, relevant and fun. In his videos, he answers interesting questions which his followers on social media send in. In this way, his online audience feels highly involved and therefore interested in the answers Tom gives. By choosing exciting questions, he also demonstrates the importance of maths in everyday life. As the comments on his channel show, his approach greatly increases enthusiasm for the subject and makes maths a lot more exciting.

a man talking in front of a blackboard with maths equations

In his YouTube videos, Tom answers interesting questions like 'What is the probability that I have the same PIN as someone else?', explaining mathematical concepts on the go.


I've always loved maths but never wanted to go to university, but [Tom] has made me want to go now.

A student and follower of Tom Rocks Maths.

I'm reading Maths (first year) and Tom's way of explaining is very helpful.

Undergraduate student and follower of Tom Rocks Maths.

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