Benefits of Canvas

Canvas is a modern, scalable virtual learning environment used by a number of key Ivy League Universities in the United States, as well as a growing number of institutions in the United Kingdom.

Some of the benefits are outlined below. We will be adding to these and sharing them with you at meetings and events as the project progresses.

For Staff 

  • Clean interface – the clean user interface allows staff to focus on developing high-quality content 
  • Ease of navigation – making course building easy and consistent
  • Good integration with external tools (e.g. Panopto, Online Reading Lists, Turnitin) – delivering smooth interoperability with tools commonly in use at the University 

For Students

  • Mobile app – meeting expectations by allowing access to materials on smartphones or tablets 
  • Collaboration – the collaboration capabilities in Canvas allows students to share documents, and take part in group work and discussions
  • Calendar – The calendar tool displays assignments and due dates across all active courses when activated

As a language teacher, I must say that it is a delight to work with a platform that offers seamless integration of voice tools.

Marion Sadoux, Head of Modern Language Programmes, University of Oxford Language Centre. 

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