Developing digital teaching practices: Design your teaching for inclusivity

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There are people with hidden disabilities in every classroom and study group you teach. These make it more difficult and time consuming for them to deal with the content of your course. Many students may not even realise that they could benefit from additional support that would elevate their learning. However, there is a set of simple practical accommodations you can design into all your teaching that will make it easier for all your students to
learn from you. But they will not only work for students with hidden disabilities, they will make your teaching better for everyone.

This is part of theĀ Developing Digital Teaching Practices series, attendance at all is recommended. (Refreshments provided)

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After this session you will be able to:

  • Describe hidden disabilities (dyslexia, ADHD, dyspraxia, SLI) and how they impact on the students' ability to access the content for learning
  • Identify simple practical solutions and incorporate them into your teaching. You should be able to start thinking about how to:
    1. Format and structure text in your handouts and other documents for easier reading and comprehension
    2. Design PowerPoint slides to aid focus and comprehension
    3. Organise your lectures and sessions to make it easier for students to orient themselves in
    4. Organise and present assignments in more structured ways
    5. Encourage and enable students to:
      • use different modes such as audio for accessing content
      • use simple technology such as speech recognition for better writing
      • take more effective notes both in class on during self-study
      • better organize and plan their learning
      • recognise and advocate for their needs
  • Understand the differences between specific learning difficulties and other types of difficulties such as visual impairment, physical impairment or language/cultural difficulties.

Pre-session activities

  1. Read Inclusive Technologies for Literacy in the Classroom by ITR12 Participants on Pressbooks
  2. Watch a Load2Learn Project playlist of videos
  3. Read Digital classrooms - making the most of inclusion 2018 by Jisc accessibility and inclusion
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