Developing digital teaching practices: Videoconferencing and virtual classrooms

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Mark Bramwell at the launch of the Saïd Business School new virtual classroom, the Oxford Hub for International Virtual Education (HIVE).

Connecting with students in synchronous virtual sessions (webinars and videoconferences) is becoming an integral part of the education process. Even in an attendance setting, video conference can have its place by giving more options of interacting with students in specific circumstances. It also is a part of the University strategy to reduce its carbon footprint. This session will give you the knowledge foundations to enable you to choose an online platform, design and deliver an online session, identify areas of potential difficulty and help with troubleshooting.

This is part of the Developing Digital Teaching Practices series, attendance at all is recommended. (Refreshments provided)

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After this session you will be able to:

  • Select the right tool for virtual sessions to achieve balance of accessibility, suitability and cost
  • Select from tools which are available / supported at the University and availability of videoconferencing on the VLE
  • Design your virtual sessions to increase focus and engagement with your students
  • Use a battery of tips and tricks for organising and running virtual sessions, and avoiding and troubleshooting common problems

Pre-session activities

  1. Attend a webinar on something of interest
  2. Watch Lynda videos on video conferencing (tbc)
  3. Optional:
    • Read a website on video conferencing (tbc)
    • Read Gartner Report on platforms (tbc)
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