Developing digital teaching practices: What is flipped classroom?

Students prepping for grad show

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In what's known as the 'flipped classroom' approach, students view online materials in their own time, and at their own speed, ahead of lectures. This frees up face-to-face sessions for more active discussion and problem-solving, as well as providing
opportunities to focus on areas of misunderstanding.

This is part of the Developing Digital Teaching Practices series, attendance at all is recommended. (Refreshments provided)

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After this session you will be able to:

  • Understand flipped learning
  • Participate in inquiry-based group work
  • Start or further develop the design of your discovery-based flipped classrooms
  • Explore some of the challenges of a flipped classroom

Pre-session activities

  1. Read about and watch a flipped classroom case study within Oxford context
  2. Watch videos and read the literature review collated by MIT about active learning and its impact in the classroom
  3. Read this research paper The use of flipped classrooms in higher education: A scoping review in 'The Internet and Higher Education' 25(C) February 2015 by O'FLAHERTY, J. and PHILLIPS, C. on ResearchGate
  4. Complete a short pre-workshop activity, which will be on Online Surveys
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