Public engagement

Public engagement describes the many ways in which the benefits of higher education can be shared with the public. High quality engagement involves two-way interaction between University staff and/or students with relevant external communities to the benefit of both parties; the ultimate goal is the enhancement of the quality and impact of the University’s work. Technology can be used in many ways to enable public engagement activities:

  • supporting public engagement with the University's work,
  • broadening the appeal of Oxford to a variety of public communities, and/or
  • contributing to building capacity in this field.

The University's core strategic priorities for public engagement are set out in more detail in the Strategic Plan and Public Engagement with Research Web pages.

We also welcome submissions from entrants for The Vice-Chancellor's Public Engagement with Research Awards, provided you have made significant use of digital tools in your work.

You are eligible to enter even if you've had professional help, but we ask you to let us know on the entry form what assistance you received. Find out how to enter.

What the judges will look for

Your entry will be assessed in terms of:

  • How clearly you have defined the purpose of your initiative/innovation, including the intended audience.
  • The extent to which the entry reflects University strategy in this field.
  • How innovative your entry is: i.e. how new it is in terms of public engagement activities at Oxford.
  • How you designed and implemented your initiative/innovation.
  • Whether the innovation is suitable for the intended audience.
  • Evidence of impact (qualitative and/or quantitative).
  • How far you have considered the legacy or sustainability of the initiative.
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